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Special Events with Venerable Thubten Semkye

We are grateful to have the opportunity to host the Venerable Thubten Semkye for four days of precious Dharma teachings.  Venerable Semkye is a nun at Sravasti Abbey, a Buddhist monastery founded by the Venerable Thubten Chodron. You can learn more about Venerable Semkye on their website – Venerable Thubten Semkye.

May 18th at 7:00 pm – Carbondale Public Talk

The Big Picture: How Perspective Can Transform Our Experience of Life. 

  • How is it that certain difficulties seem to reappear in our lives over and over again; same horrible person, same problem, same issue. What if, instead of looking at the outside as the problem, we questioned the way we are actually looking at them? Could we possibly open up our hearts and see our life with a wider lens. And what would happen if we did?
  • Join Thubten Semkye as we explore the deep wisdom of perspective and how it can create a world we never could have imagined.

Cost: Public Talk is offered freely and donations are appreciated.
Location:  Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, CO 81623. We will meet in the Round Room.
Registration: No registration Necessary.

May 19 and 20 – Weekend Retreat 

Fortitude and Joyous Effort: Our Best Traveling Companion on the Path to Awakening.

On this retreat, Venerable Semkye will continue teaching on the 6 Paramitas moving from the last topic of fortitude that we discussed in December of 2017 and into the perfection of joyous effort. Fortitude is said to be the greatest of the austerities because it brings us to our edge and beyond what we think we are capable of holding in the face of suffering and pain. With fortitude, we connect to our love and compassion for ourselves and others with a genuine clarity. And as we return to this Bodhisattva path we recognize that there is one traveling companion crucial to have on the road with us. Joyous effort is a quality necessary at the beginning, middle and end of this vast and marvelous journey to Buddhahood.

Cost: Suggested donation for the retreat is $65. Of course, all Dharma teachings are offered on a free-will donation basis and you may offer any amount. You can make a secure online donation below using a credit card or PayPal account. Proceeds go to Venerable Semkye’s monastery, Sravasti Abbey.

Location: Way of Compassion Dharma Center, Suite 36 at Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, CO 81623.

Questions: Call or email Aaron – (970) 340-8151 or [email protected]

Space is limited – 22 spots currently available.

Registration: To register, enter your information and click on the donation button below. Space is limited!

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