LOSAR (Tibetan New Year) 2020

Year of the Iron Mouse


Tibetan New Year is the most important festival in Tibet. It is an occasion when Tibetan families reunite and expect a better coming year. The new year spawns a time of increase in virtuous activity amongst Buddhist practitioners. Any actions done during that period of time, for better or worse, are multiplied in their power by virtue of being in alignment or out of alignment with the great deeds the Buddha himself did during this same astrological period over 2,500 years ago. It is a very powerful time to practice and increase one’s commitment to both practice and study as the power of that magical event can be harnessed to assist in our personal evolution towards enlightenment.

In order to welcome the Losar 2020, Year of the Iron Mouse/Rat, we are offering an opportunity to participate in morning practice and evening Chenrezig Compassion and Purification Practice. Join us at this auspicious time to engage in the practice for all sentient beings. We will be broadcasting both events. 

When: Monday, February 24th

Where: Third Street Center, 520 S. 3rd Street, Way of Compassion Dharma Center, Carbondale, CO.

We will be making extensive offerings on this auspicious day. Please consider bringing a vegetarian snack to offer on the altar for the evening event. We will enjoy some time with each other and share in these snacks after the Buddha of Compassion Practice.

For more information, contact Aaron at 970-340-8151 or by email at aaron@wocompassion.org