Saka Dawa (or Vesak Day)

The anniversary of the Buddha’s birth, awakening, and passing away
May 26th (Tibetan Calendar)

Shakyamuni Buddha

Saka Dawa is a special time to reconnect and reaffirm the innate goodness and compassion in all of us. In these challenging times, we are fortunate to have the Buddha’s compassionate wisdom teachings accessible to offer guidance and support to all of us, whether we are Buddhists or not.

We will be offering a special Saka Dawa gathering with the purification practice of Vajrasattva. For those able to attend in person, we encourage you to bring a snack to share.

This is a perfect time for all of us to renew our resolve to develop ethical conduct, love, compassion, and wisdom and reduce our unhealthy and afflicted mental states.

All merit accumulated on this special day is multiplied 100 million times.

Time: Wednesday, May 26th at 6:00 pm Mountain Time – in person and online.

The practice will be offered both in-person and online via Zoom. Please click this link to join the webinar: Saka Dawa Gathering

Download a prayer booklet with the Vajrasattva practice – download

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