John Bruna teaching at the old Durango Dharma Center

We are deeply grateful to be able to offer this deep exploration into the precious and transformative teachings contained within the Seven-Point Mind Training. The tradition of the Seven-Point Mind Training can be traced back to Atisha who received these teachings from Serlingpa roughly one thousand years ago. The tradition passed orally to Geshe Chekawa who wrote down the verses of the root text.

“This Mind Training is especially well suited for an active life. It does not require that we withdraw in seclusion, but that we re-examine all of our relationships – to family, friends, enemies, and strangers-and gradually transform our responses to whatever life throws our way. It is a Mahayana practice that aspires to attain full awakening through compassion and loving ing kindness for all creatures.” Alan B. Wallace.

The study and practice program will be facilitated by John Bruna, using the commentary written by Alan Wallace, The Art of Transforming the Mind.

The sessions are on Zoom every Tuesday morning at:

  • 6 am Pacific Time
  • 7 am Mountain Time
  • 8 am Central Time
  • 9 am Eastern Time

We will also have an online platform to support each other and receive additional resources throughout the program. The book is out of print but you can find used copies online. We have some copies of the book that you can purchase from us.

This program is open to everyone and you can join anytime. As with all of our teachings, they are offered freely on a donation basis. To join the group you can make a one-time or monthly donation in any amount. If you cannot afford to make even a small donation, please email us and we will include you in the group. The Buddhadharma is to be made available to everyone regardless of their financial resources so don’t hesitate to join. You can use the donation button below and you will be enrolled. If you would like to register without a donation or by writing a check, just email us at and we will include you in the course.