The Way of Compassion Dharma Center has been at its current location since 2016 creating a serene and inspiring space for practitioners to gather, study, practice, and connect around the Buddhist Dharma.

During these turbulent and challenging times, we can recognize the need for symbols of wisdom and compassion. We are grateful to be able to continue to provide teachings and maintain a traditional Buddhist shrine room. Recently we asked and were granted permission by the Third Street Center to raise a large Tibetan prayer flag over our center and additionally were asked to hang flags on a structure southwest of the building as well. These prayer flags are a symbol of peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. As the wind blows, the prayers will be carried in the 10 directions promoting goodwill and healing benefiting all sentient beings.

If you would like to support this project please consider making a donation to bring it to life. We are seeking to raise $200 very quickly to purchase the flags with an aspiration to hang them in the near future. Thank you for considering and may you swiftly find deep realization and be free from suffering!