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The Way of Compassion Dharma Center Store has Wall Hangings for Sale of the Eight Auspicious Symbols. Support the Dharma Center and bring the blessings of the Buddhas to your home!


The set of these symbols are very popular in the Himalayan region such as Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and India. It is also known in Sanskrit as ‘Ashtamangala’, ashta means eight and mangala means auspicious.

These eight symbols of good fortune represent the offerings made by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha immediately after he attained enlightenment.

The Protection Parasol
The precious parasol symbolizes the wholesome activity of preserving beings from illness, harmful forces, obstacles and so forth in this life.

The Golden Fish
The fish represents the emancipation of one’s consciousness from all suffering and thereby leading to eventual spiritual liberation. 

The Great Treasure Vase
The treasure vase symbolizes a long life, wealth, and prosperity.

The White Lotus
The fully-opened lotus represents the fully-awakened mind and the flower bud represents Buddha-potential.

The Right-Turning Conch
The conch symbolizes the spread of the teachings of the Dharma and an awakening from the slumber of ignorance.

The Endless Knot
An auspicious geometric diagram, it symbolizes the unity of wisdom, great compassion and the illusory character of time. 

The Banner of Victory
The banner stands for the complete victory of the Buddhist doctrine over death, ignorance, and all the negativities of this world. 

The Wheel of Dharma
The wheel symbolizes the turning of the wheel of Buddha’s doctrine both in teachings and realizations enabling us to experience the joy of wholesome deeds and liberation.

You can come by the Center to purchase your wall hangings and other Dharma items from our store or contact us and we can ship them to you.

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